Heads of Tulips

Heads of Tulips INTERACTIVE
You can play the track 'Heads of Tulips' (Audio Sheep CD or by running the digital version on iTunes or Bandcamp below) on a pc whilst manipulating the extra YouTube stems from the recording.This is an abstract and unfinished composition where the listener can alter the overall ambience and timing of the piece depending on volume and stem position.With the Chrome extension YouTube Pause, you can turn your spacebar into a play / pause button for YouTube. Simply install the extension and you'll be off and running; Pause YouTube does not require a restart of Chrome.The manipulation and collisions (or jar) are the essence of the DDS project and quite often how we approach music construction (see Steve Reich video on our blog on how he discovered phasing) Feel free to use these samples which can be recorded with Audacity (free) or a similar programme.There are YouTube videos on how to record on a pc.
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